Superior distribution technology solutions

Direct Shot’s highly advanced technology capabilities set us apart from our competitors. We offer integrations, real-time data, and automation that allows us to work with incredible accuracy. Want to learn more about how Direct Shot provides custom technology-based distribution solutions?

Solution Mapping With Host ERP

You need a complete, integrated solution for your distribution. Direct Shot can help.

Direct Shot will work with your team to build a distribution solution that integrates with your ERP. Our team has an advanced understanding of solution mapping and interface architecture, which allows us to provide service above and beyond anything our competitors can offer.

Our team uses Manhattan WMS as our warehouse management solution. This industry-leading software speeds up the flow of goods and information to enable excellence in distribution operations.


Automation That Results In Incredible Accuracy

At Direct Shot we leverage automation that reduces human error, allowing us to operate with 99.77% accuracy.

Automation is critical to any good distribution solution. Our automation capabilities are the most advanced in the industry, which allows us to build custom solutions to fit your distribution needs.

Our automation solutions are created by our team of experts. Thanks to the robust size of our facility as well as our talented, in-house team of specialists, Direct Shot does what we do with incredible accuracy.


Real Time Data & Insights

Timely information is critical to a successful distributing operation. Our real-time insights allow a clear view of what’s happening, when it happens.

Our team uses SAP Business Intelligence to provide customers with usable, real-time data. As a Direct Shot customer, you’ll benefit from our in-depth understanding of warehouse trends, data, and informatics.

By tracking data in real time, we gain a clear view of the status of any shipment, and can also analyze trends and improve processes for our clients. This approach to distribution is what allows Direct Shot to successfully ship more than 114 million units per year.

Talk to the team at Direct Shot about your distribution needs.

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