Providing Business Value As A 3PL Partner


Business Value

As A 3PL


Direct Shot provides a complete third party logistics (3PL) solution based on experience, efficiency, and capacity.

Connecting global companies to global markets

Direct Shot is a third party logistics provider focused on helping businesses connect with customers around the world with a more efficient supply chain management process. While many businesses would not label distribution as a core competency, it’s our main focus.

Companies that try to manage their own distribution, end up spending too much time and energy focusing on non-core business related activities. Doing this increases business inefficiencies and drives up costs.

Direct Shot Distributing focuses exclusively on managing supply chains for its clients.

Having a singular focus on distribution activities allows Direct Shot to fully optimize the supply chain to deliver unparalleled cost savings to clients. Clients, in turn, are able to focus on core business activities that generate increased revenue.

Direct Shot Distributing focuses exclusively on managing supply chains for its clients.

Having a singular focus on distribution activities allows Direct Shot to fully optimize the supply chain to deliver unparalleled cost savings to clients. Clients, in turn, are able to focus on core business activities that generate increased revenue.

Distribution is a necessary but highly manageable cost

Direct Shot Has Spent Years Building:

Relationships with key suppliers

Volume discounts that single manufacturers can't achieve

A team of highly capable logistics experts

cutting edge business processes

Distribution models that deliver results

Technology to service world-class organizations

Core competencies in every aspect of the supply chain

A dependable workforce of dedicated warehouse associates


Manufacturers need to be efficient to compete in highly competitive markets.

In-house supply chain management activities likely account for some of the largest budgetary line items for most manufacturers. With small gains in efficiency handling, these costs can end up being very large cost saving activities to the bottom line. Larger gains in efficiencies can significantly impact positions in the market. A highly capable 3PL provider like Direct Shot Distributing can redefine a company’s strategy by opening the door to new markets or reducing costs in existing markets.

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Most businesses have some seasonality in demand.

Demand can be seasonal. Major infrastructure costs are probably not. Regardless of demand, warehouses still need maintenance, bills are still due, property taxes never sleep, and equipment still requires care. A better model is one in which businesses pay for what they use. When demand is lower, costs are significantly reduced. In-house distribution models force the company to bear the largest portion of these costs, even in the leanest months. Partnering with a third party logistics company can help offset those costs and increase efficiency.

About Our Facility

Scaling a business effectively requires planning, knowledge, and risk.

Unfortunately, crystal balls still do not exist. Major scale-ups will require, to some extent, a bit of good fortune to achieve success. Large investments in facilities, equipment, and labor will precede the reward of the scale-up. Third party logistics providers like Direct Shot help mitigate risk by providing scalable resources to support clients when it’s time to capture a bigger, better market position.

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The Problem

You need a logistics provider who understands the strategies and processes required to distribute your inventory to your customer no matter the necessary distribution model.

Many in-house distribution models can become somewhat efficient at one of the following:

Direct to Consumer, Direct to Retail, or Business to Business, but not in all three.

Each of these distribution models requires different strategies and business processes. When a logistics expert is involved, all three distribution models become available. As a 3PL provider, Direct Shot Distributing’s services, processes, capacity, and technology exist for all three models within our portfolio of services.

Flexibility is important when capturing market share.

Direct Shot provides many customized solutions for supply chain management. Point of sale, assembly, product procurement, loose pick, case pick, pallet pick, and many more services provide a complete logistics solution to provide flexibility as needs change or new opportunities are uncovered.

Our Solution

At Direct Shot, our expertise in all four distribution models allows us to understand the strategy and business of full-service distribution logistics.

Business To Business
Final assembly to maintain brand standards and product procurement for reliable inventory control.
Direct To Consumer
Custom packed orders for customer experience and flexibility to support a range of sizes and shapes.
Direct to Amazon
Advanced master packaging and labelling services to streamline warehousing and shipping processes.
Direct To Retail
Auto and hand assembly for custom products and inventory space to scale to needs.
Discover how our distribution capabilities can improve your supply chain management.
Direct Shot is excited to announce we have been acquired by LEGACY Supply Chain Services - expanding our value-added supply chain capability for customers, and creating additional growth opportunities for our people.Read the full details here